Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fugaciously individual components

Midnight is the deadline for voting and while there is no way I will make it into the top 10 I'm still having a good time checking out the art and hanging out with my family. Artprize provided the September deadline for the completion of this edition of Fugaciously. Started this process last March with a few friends and have added several more along the way for a total of 7 of us involved in the project plus the last minute addition of a graphic artist and no flakes! Pretty cool to work with such a professional group.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


A very powerful piece that is installed in the huge fountain at the Gerald Ford Museum. On the back side of the images of the children carrying water is a short film depicting water conditions in 3rd world countries. Kudos to the museum, I was pretty shocked that a piece like this was allowed, especially do to the critique of water usage by the museum.

Motorhome Tortilla soup

Eating out every day gets a bit expensive and restaurant fare does get old on occasion revealing the beauty of RVing. We pulled into a metered spot in downtown Grand Rapids and I threw this together from some leftover garden fresh pico de gallo, milk, blue tortilla chips and ice cream.

Over a week into our 6 week motorhome trip and the Swope family is still intact with all members present! Artprize is almost a week old now and the top 10 will be announced the morning of Thursday Sept. 30. Over 1700 artists have work in 3 square miles of downtown Grand Rapids. Every kind of work is represented: fine art, amazing contemporary art, vote getting gimmick art and kitsch that Clement Greenberg could not even imagine! Artprize is a wonderful spectacle! My work is installed at Free Spirit Worship Center, it is cool to witness a product that was pure concept less than a year ago materialize and become real! Check out a video of the work on you tube, search for Fugaciously.