Monday, August 22, 2016

Fontan PreOP

Aunt Linda cut Gabriel's hair to a riveted audience, Aunt Julia, Grandma, Cousin Erin, and Gabriel's favorite playmate, Grandma Great.

Beth and I have spent the last month arranging for Powell and Bella as they start school the day after Gabriel's surgery, we requested earlier dates but you work with what they give you. So, Amaya is taking care of Powell and our friends Shelley and Chris are taking in Bella.

 Saturday we drove from Nampa to Reno.

We stopped for lunch in Winnemucca, Gabriel noted something "weird" on our front bumper, I told him it was a fish skeleton and a fish must have jumped up in front of as as we were crossing some bridge. He said, "Alright." and we moved on.
As we left Winnemucca I had an opportunity to shoot a developing fire!

Gabriel at the Reno hotel.

Loving the pool!! No pool for quite awhile after open heart surgery so fortunately he enjoyed it well.

San Fransisco across the bay as we drive across the San Leandro Bridge.

Gabriel did awesome in pre-op, echocardiogram (left), EKG (right), X-rays, blood draws, physical and vitals! What a good boy.

 Lunch in the cafeteria, he has no idea what's coming. We are not ready for them to cut his little chest open, again.

We ended the hospital day around noon so decided to head for Half Moon Bay where we were treated with sea lion's cavorting in the surf and humpback whales breaching in the bay! I told Beth this had to be a most awesome omen!

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Norma from Idaho said...

Such a poignant post. Makes the heart heavy. But I agree that the Half Moon Bay experience is a good sign. It was joyous to get in on the Facetime that you had with Powell. He wrapped his arms around the phone and told Gabriel that he was giving him a virtual hug. Lots of love in your family. That is a wonder to behold.