Monday, October 4, 2010

Swope Kids at the gardens

Representation of the Great Lakes with water flowing from one to the next, the kids could float boats throughout the entire system.
Pond with dozens of Koi that were thinking the kids had some chow.

That's Powell of course in the background, this photo defines him.

Isabella and Powell hanging out with one of the 4 sculptures making up Julia Rogers Collective Conductivity.

Powell and another member of Collective Conductivity, all the sculptures were solar powered metal sculptures with glass heads and hearts. The interior of the hearts and the "brain" in the head was colored glass and evidently lit up at night.

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NinaMarie said...

I love seeing your photos and reading your blog. What an experience you guys are having....too cool.
P.S. That picture of Powell with the sign in the foreground is PRICELESS!