Tuesday, October 5, 2010

WMCAT (W Michigan Center for Arts and Technology)

S0 after 3 weeks in 250 sq. feet of motorhome with a 3 year old and 7 year old Beth and I are finding ourselves saying "because I said so!" and "because I'm your parent!" much more frequently than we do in a 2000 sq. foot house. Fortunatley Grand Rapids has a good YMCA and a couple of parks as distractions. Artprize is awesome in multiple respects but can get frustrating when checking it out with kids, there are a few entires though that enthralled us all.
John E Bunnon, Universe- the "disco ball man" as the kids say. A mannequin covered in small mirrors that slowly revolves 20-25' high on top of a windmill frame. Ok in the day but spectacular in the evening, 3 spotlights fitted with templates mimmicking the "disco man" shoot a light silhouette onto the mirrored man which is inturn projected a hundred plus fold onto the gorund and surrounding buildings. Fabulous effect, makes my top 10.
David Lindsay, Self-portrait as a Pillar- Gotta love it, depicts himself on 4 different sides of the pillar.

Finney and Cornan, Birch bark canoe- This is one of the things that makes artprize sooo cool, there is everything. Accompanying the canoe is a video detailing the entire construction.

Nik Ramage- Wall Kicker- The kids loved this one! Every 10 minutes or so an old metal (screaming) drill would fire up and activate the mechanism that would send the boots into action repeatedly kicking the wall.

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