Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Re-admitted, re-discharged

"Re-discharged?" sounds just plain YUCKY!

Getting ready to leave we took a photo of the Gabriel Shrine.

On the far right is the heart shaped cookie with icing that Powell made about a month ago "For Gabriel to eat when he is 3." We're saving it buddy.

The evening prior he was looking good and doing well. Beth had time to focus on normal baby stuff.
 Cute feet.

Cute baby.

The entire week was going pretty well, other than a lack of sleep but you can compensate for that as Warren Zevon sings in I'll Sleep When I'm Dead, not quite as catchy as Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner or Werewolves of London (I knew you'd heard of him) but classic Warren Zevon all the same.  Friday Gabriel had an outpatient appointment to clear us for travel; tickets were booked and purchased, I was to drop Beth & Gabriel at the Oakland Airport the following morning, hook a right and head for Idaho. Friday morning I changed his diaper and mixed with the normal lovely goldenrod excrement was a palate of mustard and saffron, hmmm.... different. Second diaper, a little more saffron influence but no reason to alarm Beth, probably just a bit of the fugu sushi I had shared with him the previous night. The third diaper though screamed past salmon and rust straight into crimson.  A bloody diaper, not a true rectal bleed but enough bright red flecks of color to know our plans were dashed.  Our appointment with the Pediatric Cardiologist that afternoon confirmed our dread and moved beyond, she wanted to re-admit Gabriel. We had hoped for simply a delay in departure but now we were headed back to the sleepless zone. We checked back into 3 West that evening and were greeted by sympathetic Nurses, Residents and Fellows who were genuinely sorry to see us back. They did try and reassure us that it could be a much more severe reason and they were glad it was only a gastrointestinal  issue.  The Drs thought it was simply a matter of Gabriel not tolerating the protein in both the formula and the breast milk. The substitute is Neocate the super awesome fantastic premium formula (=$). Within fifteen minutes of checking in I realized something with Gabriel was amiss.

 He's an egomaniac, trying to outshine the baby on the diaper pack.
 Oh... that's it. Look at these beautiful free nostrils, NG tube free.
 I mean look at this.
 No, Dad... I was just hanging out and this bad baby came by and and yanked the tube out, I was like, hey baby don't do that, my Dad's gonna blame it on me, but you know Dad, you can't even talk sense into "those" kind of babies.
Mom'll believe me if I whisper it in her ear.

Friday night actually wasn't too bad. We had a quiet roommate and Gabriel slept pretty well.
Saturday Amaya introduced us to the legendary California Burger Chain.
She also captured Gabriel sneezing, she says "4" sneezes.

Saturday night wasn't bad either and we were discharged Sunday afternoon.

 Gabriel's 2nd time leaving the hospital!

Gabriel's 2nd time  departing the  hospital parking lot!

 Gabriel's 2nd time buckled into the car seat (actually 3rd as we had to bring him back, but his 2nd buckled in headed away from the hospital)!
 Gabriel's 2nd time approaching the gate to the cottage!
 Gabriel's 2nd time entering the gate!
 Gabriel's 2nd time approaching the cottage! (Oh I can do this for a long time)
Gabriel's 2nd time entering the cottage!

That was a whirlwind, it's good to be home!
Thank-you for the converse socks; Amaya, Leila, Stephanie & Wendy! I wonder if this kid is ever going to wear anything but?

SO... Tuesday we checked back in and, a little more blood in the diaper. Less than before but enough to generate a  phone consult with the Dr this Thursday and a 3rd move of the flight itinerary.

The face of a tyrant, holding us hostage.

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Norma from Idaho said...

It's a yo-yo life right now, isn't it? Good thing he's a cute little tyrant and wears Converse socks so well!

Thursday night here you come!