Friday, January 4, 2013

90+% survivability

Today we met with the Surgeon and the Neonatologist and are so reassured to be here. The Surgeon is held in high regard and his specialty is neonate surgery (seems obvious but hey). In fact kids are flown to him from around the country when other medical centers feel the child is too small to operate on. He examined the echograms and stated that this first procedure now has a 90 plus percent survivability rate. After this surgery we'll stay here in Stanford for a month or so post-operative, go home to Idaho and return here at the 4 month mark. The Dr said if we make it to the 2nd surgery (no complications or infections at home) we're pretty much set, so things are sounding good. Still a long road but what a great place to be, with wonderfully talented people looking after Beth and Gabriel. Which brings us to the Neonatologist- the director of our teams of physicians. She is a warm, caring person that spoke with us at length today, toured us through the facilities we will be using and attempted to sway Isabella to attend Stanford. Side note- Isabella has wanted to be either an anthropologist or paleontologist since she was 5. A couple of years ago psycho Dad looked up the best schools in the nation for graduate work in those fields and Berkeley was the top west coast school. So today is a good day and we are out of the motel and into a wonderful apartment.


NFrench said...

Thanks for letting us know what is happening with your family and with little Gabriel, Earle! Paul and I are praying in faith for the Lord to touch your little boy!! Amazing at how so many needs have already been met! We are believing that you will continue to hear good news! Love and prayers from MN, Noelle

Norma from Idaho said...

Good news! I'm not surprised that you found the doctors and staff so reassuring and pleasant. When Amaya first moved to the area she had a temp job with the hospital and was amazed with the people.

Below is my email. Could you send me your address and phone number? I will forward it to Amaya. I don't think you have ever met her, but she would love to get in touch while you are there. The next two weeks are crazy with the start of the semester, but she wants to try to see you and help if she can.

You are all in my heart every day.

Steph said...

I love his name! Thank you for keeping us updated--we are continuing to pray for you all--and also praising God for the things He has already done! Beth, you look beautiful!

Brooke Cassinelli said...

SO SO excited for the news! Glad that you guys are finally out of the hotel and into an apartment too...that's got to help with the sanity. Thanks for keeping us all up to date on your progress. Will continue to pray for God's hand to be upon each of you!

Ken and Nancy said...

So very happy to hear all the good news! Many people at school have asked how you are doing. Ken and I are praying for God's hand to cover all of you in His grace and love. Nothing is impossible for Him.
Love you all. Nancy

Jennifer Jones-Easterday said...

So glad to hear that news! Saying lots of prayers for your family.