Monday, January 7, 2013

New Place

The apartment is a nice place but it is still weird living somewhere else not being on vacation. Does that make sense? I think Powell summed it up when he said, "This place feels empty, not like home." Don't get me wrong the apartment is great and we're fortunate to be here and happy that Gabriel stands his best shot here in Palo Alto but we still would like to be in Boise. Although we did see you received a gob of snow while I'm walking around in a t-shirt. Like anything, you can choose where and how to place your focal emphasis.
The lobby
A nice big living room (the couch doubles as Isabella's bed) and dining area
Our neigbors; that first one is a Ferrari.
Yesterday poor Powell caught some nasty bug, food poisoning, bacteria or something and could not keep a thing down. We kept him pumped full of fluids and stomach friendly food and watched it come up a couple of hours later. We're not used to seeing him not moving fast during the day. Fortunatley today he's doing OK, moving fast!


Melissa Nathan said...

That's actually a pretty nice looking apartment!

Norma from Idaho said...

The cars down there are something to behold. When you drive down El Camino, it is always interesting to see that almost all cars are the luxury ones. But you are in one of the most expensive zip codes in the U.S. so I guess that's what you can expect.

Steph said...

Just hopped online to see how you guys are doing--We are thinking of and praying for you! Much love from the Simmons's :)