Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Earle's beach birthday

San Gregorio State Beach, a cool beach piled with driftwood. Cool eroded sandstone rock/cliffs. The kids climbed most of them.
Plant writing.
The beach is covered with drift wood, therefore many people use the driftwood to build shelters/fort. I decided to start a seperate blog dealing with my thoughts on art and the human need to construct and build- for now it's simply earledswope.blogspot...
No wind was blowing but this tree attests to the abundance of wind on other days.

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Norma from Idaho said...

Those are fantastic pictures of that beach. I've never been there, but made it to Half Moon Bay one day. This looks a lot more interesting. And I love seeing a picture of Beth. I hope she is feeling as good as she looks.

That was a nice way to spend your birthday.