Saturday, February 23, 2013

guest cottage

The following link details our hosts here in Palo Alto. John and Danielle Mewes  have graciously allowed us and many other families to reside in their guest cottage. We are so grateful. It makes me think what kind of a world this would be if everyone acted in such a kind giving manner. Not only do they provide a place for us to live without cost, they also allow us to use their internet service (therefore they would be the first official sponsors of the Swopeworld blog). They also keep the kitchen stocked with all the cooking and eating utensils and spices and other essentials needed to prepare and eat meals. The bath is also stocked, the bed is comfy and they provide a TV with dvd's!  The space is great for Beth and I. The kids have spent most of their time with Grandma and Grandpa and are currently camping again, this time by the ocean in Half Moon Bay. They've spent several days and nights in the cottage with us and while it's been snug we've made it work. Amaya provided us both a foam mattress and an air mattress. Isabella preferred the former and Powell the latter, it is so nice when things work out! Similar to sleeping in the motorhome or on the sailboat, things are tight and you have to move with care and put things up after using them. It is actually nice to go to bed as a family, although I sleep less than the rest so I wake up a few hours early, still works out as I can write and read and think.

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Sharon Brumfield said...

So glad to see God answering our prayers....continuing to pray for y'all as you complete this journey.