Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Post-op dreams

postoperative (post-op)
Etymology: L, post + operari, to work
pertaining to the period of time after surgery. It begins with the patient's emergence from anesthesia and continues through the time required for the acute effects of the anesthetic and surgical procedures to abate.
Mosby's Medical Dictionary, 8th edition. © 2009, Elsevier.

Dreaming of a post-op Gabriel but loving our little post surgery boy. Dr. Mahon Reddy and his surgical team completed the Norwood Procedure on Gabriel early this afternoon. Beth and I were able to see him about 4:30pm. He is stable and sedated in the CVICU. I'll write more later and probably include a few photos, it's hard to describe...  7+ medications plus a couple of IV bags, two drainage tubes in his chest, a stomach tube, an intubation tube, a foley catheter, a rectal thermometer, IV's all over the place, and an open chest (3mm x 7mm), and ekg and eeg leads and multiple pulse oximetry sensors. I remarked to the nurse that it is amazing he has enough surface area to maintain everything poked into and wrapped and stuck to him. But, he is here!! Dr Reddy re-plumbed a human heart the size of a walnut! Gabriel will be sedated until they close his chest either Fri or Sat and several days later if things are good they will extubate (remove the breathing tube). His little chest is open and simply covered by an adhesive membrane. The membrane was covered by a simple 4x4 acting only as a visual shield. When Beth and I arrived the Nurse asked if we would like to take a look. I didn't think of Beth's aversion to gore, blood and her children wounded and replied "Sure." The Nurse lifted the gauze, Beth lost her composure and I immediately realized myself as a non-thinking dumbass. Keep praying for us in every capacity and realize God does not think it sacrilegious to pray for "Earle to not be a dumbass" he knows Earle and understands.


Norma from Idaho said...

What a long day for you two and for Gabriel. Hoping that you were able to at least stretch out and get a little rest in your new place. Since you are a first-responder, it is hard to remember how fragile we other mortals are. Hugs from Jerome.

Brooke Cassinelli said...

Glad that he is done with the first big hurdle. Praying for continued strength for ALL of you. Happy that there are people in the world like you that CAN look at that stuff without losing it. Much love to you all.

Rodes family said...

I know how hard surgery days are but it sounds like he had a "great" surgery day! All of the images you are describing are so familiar and close to our hearts...
We are praying for Gabriel and your sweet family! May God continue his miraculous work, strengthen you as a couple and give you the perseverance you need! Blessings Swope Family!
Chris, Camille, Elijah, Gracie and Lucy Rodes

Mom Gidcumb; Dad Gidcumb said...

Thanks so much for the post. Good news. Amazing how the "art" of medicine has developed. BUT, we know who the true Physician is, and yes, He does know who you are Earle, and He does love you.

We are praying for Gabriel to be strong and healthy. Our Sunday School class is also praying and asks weekly how he is doing. They are praying that the Lord would heal him and raise him up to be a mighty Gabriel to a generation of people who need Him.

Tom said...

Thanks for the update. Can only imagine what Beth thought. Sometimes we forget how other people see that stuff after so many years as a FF. I'll start to tell a story and Suzie gives me that look and rolls her eyes and sometimes I get the message. All our thoughts and prayers are with you guys.